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Our Mission:

We are several individuals who all have a passion for telling stories, and watching movies. So, we combined our forces and created a film company where we hope to tell stories, and change lives.

Seeing and embracing the beauty in the darkness of life, and the hope to be found through the art of storytelling and motion picture...

I believe everyone has an epic story to their life, and deserves the chance to be heard.

Dark Heart Picture Films is my dream company on a mission to listen to the stories of everyday real lives, re tell those stories, and give artists a chance to explore their creative nature through the art of film making whether that is writing a script or holding the mic. The possibilities are endless...

I want to bring talented individuals on board and challenge them to stretch their creativity to greater lengths, and find their place.

I want others to see our films and find the beauty in humanity, and create a better place in this world through understanding the side to everyone's story.

I want your story, and I want to produce it.