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As far as eduucation goes, Tom Yang got his Bachelor Arts at Yale University, and his Masters in Architecture at the Univercity of Pennsylvania. Between september 1984 and December 1989 he worked for Pierce Goodwin Alexander and Arthur Erikson Architects. Then from January 1990 to September 2001 he worked at The University California Los Angeles (UCLA). Here he was the master planner for the CHS Eastside project, the project manager for the Westwood Replacememnt Hospital, the project manager for the Royce Hall Seismic Renovation, the Masterplanner for the 129Day Study Project, and the study Manager for the CHS FEMA Architecture and Engineering Study. Then From October 2001 to July 2003 he worked at AMGEN, where he was masterplan director for the Thousand Oaks Beautification project and for Project OPUS and he worked on the Headquarters Masterplan. In July 2003 Tom started working at Jensen + Partners, where he has worked untill the present. Here he has been head manager for the projects at the City of Hope National Medical Center and he was the masterplanner for the Clifton Road and Midtown Redevelopment Project.

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